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Origami how to: Make a food stand umbrella with just one Post-it® Note

Origami how to: Make a food stand umbrella with just one Post-it® Note

Use Post-it® Notes to create an origami umbrella with this fun idea from Jenny W. Chan.

  • Using the New York Post-it® Color Collection as inspiration, origami artist Jenny W. Chan translated the sights and sounds of New York City into a miniature paper-folded world. She's created one original origami design for each color in the collection, including a taxi, street lamp, one-way street sign, and a subway train.

    To make the umbrella, you’ll use just half a Post-it® Super Sticky Note to create the base, and then you’ll use the other half to make the top. Start by watching the video or following the written instructions below.

  • Step-by-step directions

  • What you’ll need:

    1 – 3" x 3" Post-it® Super Sticky Note

    1 pair of scissors

    1. Lay the groundwork

    2. With the adhesive side facing out, fold the Post-it® Super Sticky Note in half horizontally. After folding, you should have adhesive on both sides. Unfold.

    3. Rotate the Post-it® Super Sticky Note and fold it in half again, but in the other direction. This time you will have adhesive on just one side. Unfold.

    4. Fold the Post-it® Super Sticky Note in half diagonally, so it forms a triangle. Unfold. Then fold it diagonally again, so it forms a triangle in the other direction.

    5. Do some fancy folding

    6. Reverse the fold you just made, so the adhesive is now on the inside and on the left side of the front sheet. After you reverse the fold, hold the triangle so its largest side is on the bottom.

    7. Notice the three creases on the front of the triangle. Lift the top flap of the triangle and pull the top corner of it over to meet the bottom left corner, folding along the diagonal crease on the left side. Now flatten out the fold along the bottom edge of the triangle, pushing the right corner of the triangle up to meet the top corner. Now you should have a square shape on the right side of the unit, and a small triangle shape on the left.

    8. Turn the square into more triangles

    9. Notice the square shape has a diagonal crease on both sides. Push the right bottom corner of the square in to meet the top corner of the small triangle. This will cause folds to form along the diagonal creases. Flatten these creases and push them together. Now you should have two triangle-shaped flaps on the right and two triangle-shaped flaps on the left.

    10. Make eight points

    11. Take one of the triangle flaps and stick your finger into the opening. Push down on the crease and flatten it out so it looks kind of like a flower petal.

    12. Take the tip of the flower petal you just made, and pull it towards you and down as far as it will allow you to go. Then flatten.

    13. Repeat the same thing with the remaining three flaps. It’s easiest to work on the adhesive flaps first. Once you’re done, it should be starting to look like an umbrella. Look at the umbrella as if you’re standing underneath it and looking up. It should have eight points or flaps.

    14. Make eight small creases

    15. Hold the umbrella so it’s right-side-up, with the eight points on the bottom or facing towards you. Take two of the flaps and push them open so you see a plain triangle shape (be sure to open to one that does not have a flower petal tip). Lift the left corner of the triangle and fold it up to meet the vertical center crease. Repeat the same thing on the right side. Then unfold both the right and left folds you just made.

    16. Repeat the same thing with the other flaps.

    17. Push the creases in

    18. Now unfold everything you’ve done up to this point, except the four corners of the Post-it® Super Sticky Note should remain folded. Now take those four corners and reverse the folds. Unfold them and then fold them in the other direction.

    19. Notice the small creases all around the edges of the umbrella. Take those small creases and push all of them inward toward the center of the umbrella, and flatten each of the eight flaps as you go around. When you’re done, you should be able to collapse the entire umbrella and flatten it.

    20. Add a handle or just enjoy!

    21. Now you can open the umbrella as much or as little as you want. It’s optional to add a metal wire, curve it a bit to create a handle and use a glue gun to attach it. Congratulations! You made it to the finish. 

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