1. The Post-it® Note Vacation Countdown
The Post-it® Note Vacation Countdown
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The Post-it® Note Vacation Countdown

How to get your kids excited about their next vacation while getting them prepared.

  • For some, the anticipation of a vacation may actually bring you more happiness than the vacation itself. This can ring especially true for kids. To help them prepare and channel their excitement, try this 14-day Countdown Calendar. You can include small gifts to give them clues.

    Use the Post-it® Big Pad to make yourself a countdown calendar two weeks before your journey.

  • Each day, write out a new clue on a Post-it® Full Adhesive Note and put it on the kitchen table before breakfast.

    Each day, write out a new clue on a Post-it® Full Adhesive Note and put it on the kitchen table before breakfast.

    What you’ll need: 1 Post-It® Big Pad + Post-it® Full Adhesive Notes

    Day 14: All aboard! We’re going on a trip!

    Day 13: You might need these. (sunglasses for each of the kids.)

    Day 12: We’re going up in one of these! (a pair of airline wings or toy airplane.) 

    Day 11: Don’t forget to pack your toothbrush. (fun kids toothbrushes.) 

    Day 10: Read all about it. (kids books on travel, adventure, coloring books.) 

    Day 9: Hint: It’s tropical. (serve smoothies with little umbrellas.) 

    Day 8: Don’t miss the boat! (each kid gets a bathtub toy boat.) 

    Day 7: Watch out for falling coconuts! (Show them how to crack open a coconut and get the juice out.) 

    Day 6: It’s magical. (teach them a card trick.) 

    Day 5: You might need one of these. (a map of the world with a Post-it® Flag on Florida (where the ship departs) and other ports of call.) 

    Day 4: There’s going to be a talent show! (wigs and funny hats.) 

    Day 3: Start packing. (a backpack or any travel accessory along with snacks and games for the plane.) 

    Day 2: Put a bowl of bananas on the table next to your mp3 player or phone with a Post-it® Note that says Press Play. (“Day-O! The Banana Boat Song” plays and everyone dances around.) 

    Day 1: "Yeh, mon. We’re going on a Caribbean cruise!" (Make a full Caribbean breakfast with plantains, rice and black beans, melons, eggs and virgin banana daiquiris.)

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