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Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping

Visualizing can open new doors.

  • You might remember mind mapping from the days of elementary school, but the intuitive nature of how mind mapping works is great for developing ideas about lots of topics, especially when you want to combine organization and creativity.

    Think of a mind map as a visual way to understand how ideas relate to each other, with the goal or topic in the center, and branches extending out from the central theme to topics or ideas. It's one of the most universal ways to brainstorm – with a larger or smaller team, or even alone, it's a great way to organize your thoughts and come to fast conclusions.

  • Breadth
  • 30 Min
    30 Min
  • Small Group
    Small Group
  • 1

    Write your main idea, topic or problem in the center of your workspace and draw a circle around it.

  • 2

    Choose sub-topics and ideas that are the most important – than draw branches from the central idea that shoot off to new circles for these subtopics.

  • 3

    Repeat this process for each subtopic, creating more and more branches for all the ideas you might have that branch out from each new level of topic or idea.

    Mind Mapping

  • Feel free to use drawings, colors and symbols if that makes your mind map more useful for the topic you are covering. Your mind map might even end up looking quite beautiful – especially if you think organization is beautiful in its own right.

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