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Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish

Use Post-it® Full Adhesive Rolls to label items in Spanish.

  • Subject:

    Spanish, Language Arts

  • Topics:

    Spanish, language arts, memorization

  • Materials:

    Post-it® Full Adhesive Roll, scissors, markers & common household or classroom items

  • Grade Level:
    1st Grade and up
  • Estimated Time:

    10 - 20 minutes

  • Author:


  • Learning Spanish Supplies


  • 1

    Label ordinary items around a home or classroom with their Spanish word using a Post-it® Full Adhesive Roll.

    Use Post-it® Full Adhesive Roll to label items

                                    Write their spanish word

  • 2

    Encourage your students to review the labels each time they encounter one to help them commit the word to memory.

    encourage your students to review labels

                                    each time they encounter one it will help commit the word to memory
                                   Use Post-it® Full Adhesive Rolls to label items in Spanish

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