1. How one photographer keeps her focus
How one photographer keeps her focus
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How one photographer keeps her focus

How Eliesa Johnson uses Post-it® Notes to keep all four of her photography-based companies organized and running smoothly.

  • "We use them in our studio — basically to organize my brain."

    Eliesa Johnson is never far from a pad of Post-it® Notes. A photographer who began her career as a photojournalist, she oversees four separate companies — all of them photography based — with a lot of moving parts.

    Eliesa Johnson is never far from a pad of Post-it® Notes

    "If we run out of Post-it® Notes, it’s not pretty."

  • For studio notes or what she calls her "wall of inspiration," she prefers her Post-it® Notes bold. "I like the crazy colors because it keeps it fun."

    Grouping by color also helps her stay organized. "Right above our desk is a blank wall space where we visually plan out our ideas and deadlines for the month.

  • When she’s not shooting luxury weddings in Paris, Eliesa runs a separate brand called Rivets and Roses that services her local Minneapolis market. Her third company handles the bulk of the editorial and commercial work that comes her way. And finally, she does private consulting.

  • Most recently she’s helping launch a new peanut butter that is close to making its debut. "It’s a great thing to create the imagery that shapes a brand."

  • Before she broke out on her own, she had what she describes as "a safe advertising gig." But judging from her schedule these days, her organizational skills are needed more than ever.

  • "Post-it® Notes are a silent hero in our studios. They not only organize my brain, they organize my business. You’d never think of a little piece of paper doing that."

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