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Freelancer/Small Business Guide

Freelancer/Small Business Guide

If you’re a freelancer, consultant or run your own small business, there’s thousands of ways Post-it® Notes + Evernote can help keep you at the top of your game. Here are a few tricks of the trade that apply to every profession from realtor to contractor to graphic designer.

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    Billable Hours/Time-and-Material

    Grab a Post-it® Note and jot down the client name and project, how long you worked that day along with any expenses incurred. When you capture the note in the Evernote camera Post-it® Note mode, the record is stamped with the date, time and location. Consider assigning specific Post-it® Notes colors to specific clients. Then you can auto-tag them each time you capture a note.

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    Gather Contacts

    Whether you’re in the office or out and about, you’re going to network and meet new people. Write the person’s name, business, phone number and email address on a Post-it® Note, along with a quick summary of what you discussed. Capture the content of your note with the Evernote camera in Post-it® mode. Then, you’ll be able to auto-tag it later in Evernote using a number of ways – by tag, key words, date, time or location.

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    Mileage Log

    Keep a pad of Post-it® Notes in your car. Write down the date and your car’s mileage at the start of the day and again when you return from your job, meeting or work-related errands. Capture your note with the Evernote camera so you can retrieve it when it’s time to compile your log, in preparation for tax season.

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    Invoice and Collection Reminders

    Cash flow is vital to the success of any business. So record the client, project description invoice number, amount and date on a Post-it® Note. Then, capture it in the Evernote camera in Post-it® Note mode. You can set a reminder based on your Net Terms, for instance 30 days. Evernote will remind you, say, on the 40th day to check with your client on its payment status.

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    Images of Job Sites

    Evernote always comes in handy for documenting just about any location or incident with pictures. Just snap an image with the Evernote camera, tag and save it to an Evernote notebook. The image will be there when you need it.

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