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Collaboration and Brainstorms

Collaboration and Brainstorms

Need to generate great ideas? All you need is a stack of Post-it® Notes, some Post-it® Big Pads, a table or a wall. You can use this technique while working solo or together with a team. With Evernote, you can work together in the same room or when working remotely.

  • Some people like to have some time to think in advance, so give a short brief about what your objectives are. This way, they can come prepared with ideas in hand.

  • During the work session, pose a question and set a short amount of time for everyone to generate ideas on their Post-it® Notes. As people present their thoughts, arrange them on the wall or table. And allow people to add to the mix if one idea sparks another, or a variation on an emerging theme.

  • At the end of the session, you can further organize the Post-it® Notes and sheets from Post-it® Big Pads and capture them using the Evernote camera in Post-it® Note mode. Auto-tag them or assign meaning to the colors before saving your notes into a shared (or private) Evernote notebook. Between the tags, colors and search capability, it's easy to track them down when you or others are ready to build upon your early ideas.

  • Think of something later? You can always add to the Evernote notebook whenever inspiration strikes.

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