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Brain Writing

Brain Writing

Building ideas by the bushel.

  • Need a large quantity of ideas in a short amount of time? Brain writing might be the ideal solution. Gather up a group of thinkers and watch the ideas pour forth.

    Brain writing is a brainstorming solution that uses the power of a group to generate a large quantity of ideas. Here's one way to get started: simply identify a moderator, gather six participants with paper and pens/pencils and follow these simple instructions:

  • Breadth
  • 30 Min
    30 Min
  • Large Group
    Large Group
  • 1

    Gather your participants together in a room, along with your moderator.

    Gather participants

  • 2

    Identify the topic you want to solve for and have each participant jot down their thoughts/solutions on a Post-it® Note

  • 3

    After 5 minutes have passed, hand your thoughts over to one of the other participants. Someone will hand you his/her thoughts as well.

    have each participant jot down their thoughts/solutions

  • 4

    Read through the ideas you received and use them as a starting point to generate an additional three ideas inside of five minutes.

    Read through ideas

  • 5

    Voila! After six rounds/30 minutes, your group will have generated 108 ideas...and will probably need a cold pitcher of water.

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