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Helping prepare for the entire academic year

Helping prepare for the entire academic year

Follow along as Nicholas “The Nerdy Teacher” Provenzano provides ideas and insights to help students be more productive learners all year long.

  • Students have more and more to do every year. With an increased focus on testing, students need to take note of all of the important information covered in class to be prepared on exam day. One of the best ways to tackle these exams is through organization. Below are some quick and easy tips for helping students get organized and take on those exams.

  • Tackling your subjects with the Post-it® Notebook Kit

    1. Be prepared all year long: The Post-it® Notebook Kit is perfect for the student that is ready to tackle a semester or year long class and knows that notes are going to keep them busy. There are few things more frustrating than not having your note-taking supplies at hand in class. The Post-it® Notebook Kit attaches right in the book/notebook and is ready when you are. There are some simple ways to get the most out of them for the class period.
    2. Post-it® Arrow Flags are perfect for identifying important information the teacher points out in class. The ease of access to the Post-it® Notebook Kit makes flagging that important information a breeze. Terms to study or entire sections can be identified without missing crucial notes in class. Simply grab the Post-it® Arrow Flag, place it, and get back to your notes.
    3. Post-it® Full Adhesive Notes are great when you have more time to write something out and add it to your notes or textbook. They are just the right size to be placed in your notebook or textbook that it stands out and you can write a complete note.
  • You can also move it to another page if it is something that needs to be addressed multiple times. It allows for many diverse applications which is important when it comes to note-taking.

  • Nicholas

    Nicholas “The Nerdy Teacher” Provenzano is a Google Certified Teacher who has earned acclaim for using innovative and collaborative techniques within his classroom. Keep up with his ideas at www.thenerdyteacher.com.

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