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Getting Ahead of the Workday with Color

Getting Ahead of the Workday with Color

Color-coding helps the eye when it’s in search mode. Looking around for an object you’re sure is in the area? If the object is in color, you won’t have to scan the territory for long before you notice it.

  • Getting the most out of your day means eliminating time-killers and dialing up the moments you spend being “on.” Lay out clear paths to productivity using color, a clever communicator. Color can be used either as a separator or for grouping and clustering tasks that require different skill sets or team members.

    Color can also be used to convey order of operations, letting the viewer know which tasks come first. Think of a traffic semaphore—“red” is the starting place, “yellow” is further preparation, and “green” is the final signal you get before you’re outta there!


  • Activity

    Using black ink, write the phrase “Ask me about color” on a piece of white paper and prop it up on your desk. Do any of the people who stop to chat notice your sign?

    The next day, make a second sign identical to the first — same size paper,
    same size lettering, same placement — but write the words in red pen. Notice how many more people will ask you about color — and what you have to tell them!

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