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Tips for creating Post-it® Super Sticky Note pixel art

Tips for creating Post-it® Super Sticky Note pixel art

We're excited to see so many people creating wall art with Post-it® Super Sticky Notes. It's a fun way to transform an office space or to bring life to a plainly decorated space at home. It's also a great project for students, families or co-workers to do together.

  • If you're ready to create your own pixel art using Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, here's a list of tips to get you started.

  • 1. Measure your wall space

    Wherever you plan to install your pixel art, measure the space and then use those measurements to figure out how many Post-it® Notes high and wide your design will be.

    Measure your wall space

  • 2. Plan out your mural on a grid

    Having a plan will make it easier to install your pixel art mural, and it will make the whole process go a lot more smoothly. Lay out your design on a computer or tablet, or if it's a simple design, you can sketch it out on Post-it® Grid Notes, or graphing paper. Each pixel in your grid represents a 3" x 3" space-the size of one Post-it® Super Sticky Note.

    Plan out your mural on a grid

  • 3. Map out the whitespace

    Measure out the whitespace in your design to will help ensure all the Post-it® Super Sticky Notes are placed in the right spot.

    Map out the whitespace

  • 4. Keep color contrast in mind

    Pixel art looks best with high-contrast colors next to each other, so when you're picking out colors, think strikingly different, not noticeably the same.

  • 5. Super sticky, super awesome

    Use Post-it® Super Sticky Notes instead of original Post-it® Notes. Post-it® Super Sticky Notes are made with with a stronger adhesive that's better for vertical surfaces, but also removes cleanly, when you are ready to take the mural down.

  • 6. Look for single-color packs

    When you're ready to purchase supplies to create your mural, start with single-color packs of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes to ensure you have a good amount of the colors you need.

    Look for single-color packs

  • 7. Lift from the side

    Instead of lifting each sheet from the bottom and pulling it off of the pad in a vertical direction, lift each sheet from the side. Carefully pull it off the pad in a horizontal direction. This helps keep the notes flat and reduces curl in the note.

    Lift from the side

    The experience of creating your mural should be an enjoyable one, so relax and have fun. Check us out on Pinterest to see the Post-it® art other people are making, and be sure to let us know what you create on social media.

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